Another Way to Support Saratoga Chamber Players

“Day Lilies” by Henri Plisson

Another Way to Support Us

To help support Saratoga Chamber Players’ special school projects in music composition and the dazzling concert programs, enter a raffle for Henri Plisson’s “Day Lilies.”  Only 120 raffle tickets will be available. As of 9/8 40 tickets had already been sold.  Get yours while they last.  Tickets are $10 or 3 for $25.http://

This is a beautiful, signed silk screen created in the impressionist style, numbered 42/295 in a gilt frame, 39” wide x 49” high.  Other of Plisson’s works were purchased by such luminaries as Rock Hudson, Katherine Ross, Aaron Spelling and Gene Kelly.  Similar works of this size can be seen on line for $2500.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in Omaha, Nebraska, the artist Patrick Ryan adopted the pen name of Henri Plisson for his impressionist paintings. Henri attended the University of Nebraska and received his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Southern California.  He described his work in musical terms, “Painting is like jazz in that you skirt around the material or subject matter and orchestrate the work so that it can live on its own, rather than just be a representational facsimile of something.”  Of his work, Kavanaugh Galleries described his incorporation of “an extraordinary sense of color with vibrant and radiant images combining an original perspective of images with a classical foundation.  His richly textured paintings indicate a unique vision and a superb technical skill, coupled with a rich imagination.”

“Day Lilies” was purchased unframed by Ellen-Deane Cummins in October, 1990, at the J. Todd Gallery in Wellesley Massachusetts and later framed at the Guido Gallery and Frame shop on Newbury Street in Boston. This work in the impressionist style was generously donated by Ellen-Deane Cummins.

Contributions raised from this will support our “Classroom to Concert” project in the Saratoga schools and our free concerts for the elderly unable to leave their residence.

For more information and to view this work, call (518) 584-1427f

For more information or to view this work, call (518) 584-1427

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